An Expert Second Opinion, without Leaving Home

12 million outpatients receive a misdiagnosis yearly in the U.S.

BMJ Quality and Safety Study

Services Include:

  • Second Opinion 3D video
  • Typed explanation of findings
  • Imaging Report Explanation
  • External Studies to Support
  • Abnormalities Defined
  • Treatment Options Available

Referring Providers and Patients Trust the expertise of SpineRad

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Dr. Saint-Louis has been my radiologist for over 10 years. I would not trust anyone else. I am not alone in this view… No one else compares. He also has something few MDs possess these days – humility, warmth, grace… and true empathy. If only this was taught in school.

Dr. Nancy G., Patient

Dr Saint-Louis is one of the best radiologists in his field.  He is extremely adept in evaluating / diagnosing imaging for highly complex cases within neuro and orthopedic radiology.  He fosters collaborative discussions with referring physicians, builds strong relationships with his patients, and is committed to providing quality assistance to individuals assessing potential choices for treatment when needed.  As a complex spinal surgery patient involving both the back and neck, I have been a patient of Dr. Saint Louis for over two decades. His grit, determination, relentless focus on finding / solving the problem, and wonderfully caring manner are truly exceptional.  There is no one I trust more in the field of radiology and am grateful for his assistance for so many years.

Sharon D.

I have referred patients to Dr Saint-Louis for several decades for excellent neuro-radiological imaging, diagnostic analyses, and discussion of treatment options. His keen intellect, joy in solving clinical problems, and vast neuro-radiological experience continues to distinguish him as an outstanding clinical consultant. The corporatization of medicine and volume driven managed care have eroded time devoted to thoughtful, punctilious evaluation of what were referred to as exciting clinical challenges. For those whose sense of professional responsibility still embraces the “best” for their patients,  Leslie. Saint-Louis, M.D. is an invaluable consultant.

Emile Hiesiger M.D. Neurologist, Pain Specialist

I have worked with Dr. Saint-Louis for the last 20 years, he is an extremely knowledgeable clinician and a technically excellent radiologist specializing in Spine work. I recommend him highly for anybody who needs help with a spine issue from a diagnostic or management standpoint.

Dr Sean McCance, Orthopedic Surgeon

I have been suffering from debilitating leg and hip pain for over 1 year. During this time I consulted 4 Specialists(hip, spine and pain mgmt. MDs),received 4 DIFFERENT DXs, a plethora of medications, and several months of various types of Physical Therapy. I followed each doctors’ advice which amounted to very little relief from my pain and left me depressed, confused and frustrated. I discovered and downloaded my MRI and X-rays to Dr. Saint-Louis, who was then able to pinpoint my source of pain, provide an easy to understand detailed explanation, and a plan of action. Thanks to Dr. Saint-Louis’ expertise and experience, not to mention the convenience of using SpineRad, I am finally on the road to recovery!